A typical repair or reconditioning estimate will consist of a total evaluation of your instrument. We will contact you with the estimated cost of the repair and or recondition and wait for your approval. If you choose not to repair your microscope, there is NO CHARGE to you except for a small fee for shipping to return your microscope.

If you choose to have Precise Instrument Calibration Company repair your instrument we will:


  • inspect the power cord and plug for damage and repair if required
  • clean eye pieces and objectives per manufactures specifications
  • check and adjust parfocality of objectives
  • clean prisms in optical head and adjust if required
  • check resolution with a standard resolution slide
  • clean and inspect condenser and filter assemblies and make adjustments if required
  • regrease all instrument sliders
  • regrease and adjust course and fine focus system
  • regrease X and Y axes on stage if required


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